Sunday, June 6, 2010

What's wrong with Google's AdSense?

The other day I just expressed my preference for Blogger. But since Blogger is Google's and Google's AdSense is an expected way of monetizing your blog at Blogger, today I have to say that Google's forums are lousy.

I have been trying since yesterday to add and/or modify the AdSense ads in my different blogs and every time I click the save button, this error message comes out: "Please correct errors on this form" and "An internal error occurred. Please try again."

Even for non-techies like us the window for configuring AdSense is really quite simple and so I tried "correcting" whatever else could possibly be corrected. I also, as it said, "tried again" many times on the different blogs. I even closed the browser, tried different browsers (Firefox and Chrome), and restarted the laptop. Nada.

I checked out Google's AdSense forum and discovered that during these days, there have actually been quite a number of people with the same problem. Worse, Google does not seem to offer any solution. In the forum I only see users complaining and a few suggesting solutions. I understand that Google's a huge company, but since it's the millions of little people like us who patronize it and make it profitable, I would expect there would be some kind of forum expert or administrator who would try providing answers. But it seems that is not to be expected. So if any of you knows how to get around this, I would really be thankful and dedicate a post to it.

Let me not let this drag on and instead, switch to a different but still related topic. The best and most interactive forum I have found so far--and also by my judgement, the friendliest to non-techies and newbies--is the Ubuntu Forum. I just love it. You can actually count on both administrators and fellow users. And impressively, they help for the sake of helping. Cheers!

On Monday, I realized that it was the AdSense widget that was not working. I was going about posting ads the long way, that is, logging into my AdSense account and creating and editing my ads units there and then copying the code and pasting it into this blog (go to your blog's Dashboard>Layout>Add a Gadget).

I tried the Adsense widgets again today and now it is working. Whatever happened the past days continues to be a mystery.

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