Thursday, June 3, 2010

From Blogger to Wordpress and Back Again (or How to Import from Wordpress to Blogger)

Frankly, I prefer Blogger to Wordpress.

Perhaps it is because I began from zero-blogging knowledge with Blogger. Sometime last year though I exported my blogs from Blogger to Wordpress because I was just tired of the same old boring Blogger templates. I am a visual person and this mattered to me.

I enjoyed choosing among Wordpress' more varied themes and templates. Liked too its widgets, especially the Blog Stats. But sadly, because of not knowing how to use it more (and later on the lack of interest to learn it), I found Wordpress more and more unwieldy. And then Blogger came out with all these new templates--I just had to switch back to my first love!

Well, I also have to add that knowing a bit more about how Google AdSense works sealed it for me :)

So, it took me several attempts to import in Blogger what I had exported from Wordpress and I kept being told by Blogger that it was having problems doing so. Fortunately, light dawned on me and so I did a classical google search: "importing Wordpress to Blogger".

With what I found, it turned out to be so easy! Follow these steps:

1. Go to your Wordpress blog and log in. Click on My Dashboard, scroll down to Tools and click Export.
2. Follow the instructions on that page. When you finish, you should have been able to download a document ("xml" type) into your computer (check where you saved the download).
3. Now this is THE KEY PART: Go to this site Wordpress2Blogger and proceed right away to STEP NO. 6.

Good luck and enjoy going back to Blogger too!

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