Monday, May 31, 2010

Dropbox in LinuxMint 9

Ever since I discovered Dropbox, it has been my favorite file sharing program, especially since I can use it in both Windows and Linux.

I was using it without any problem in LinuxMint 8 but it has not been easy with 9. First, I was happy to see it included among the programs in Software Manager so I tried to install it from there. Nada. I mean, after installation, Dropbox appeared in the Menu list under Internet but each time I would click it, a small window opens saying it's installing Dropbox but it never actually finishes. The window just disappears.

Next I went to the Dropbox site itself and downloaded it from there directly. Installed it and the installation window said it installed. I clicked on the icon and a downloading window appeared. It finished downloading but then nothing significant happened after. I still couldn't open Dropbox.

This time I tried to be smarter and checked the forums and I quote below the SOLUTION I found. It also explains it much better and in a shorter way.
The Mint version of Dropbox, despite the high scores in the community website, is buggy and not worth keeping since it constantly goes through this install loop everytime you reboot your computer. I encountered this annoyance in Helena and it wasn't fixed in Isadora. I suggest you completely remove it, delete the hidden configuration files/folders and download/install the .deb installer from the official Dropbox site itself.

Note what Pilosopong Tasyo (it's his reply up there) says about completely removing configuration files/folders. You can do this by seeing them in the first place. I mean you won't see them unless you open your home folder, click Edit, click Preferences, then click the phrase that says show hidden files or something similar.

If you wish, you can check out the entire exchange of ideas here:

Enjoy Dropbox!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Windows feel in Linux

Linux is not Windows, that is what we often hear from Linux users. And rightly so. For newbies and non-techies like me who are still in the process of switching from Windows, however, continuing to have some windows-feel in linux does make the transition a bit more comfortable and not so alien.

So I discovered this page from Gizmo's freeware website called Tips and Tricks for Ubuntu after Installation. It is actually meant for Ubuntu 10.04 users but it is applicable to earlier Ubuntu versions (based on the replies posted). It is also applicable to LinuxMint, many of it at least, since LinuxMint is based on Ubuntu.

Personally, I liked the tip on how to have the Windows 7 aero snap functionality for open windows. I find it very useful in Windows 7 and so I wanted it too for my LinuxMint. Well, it works :)

Check it out yourself!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Linux Mint 9 (Isadora): Part 2

As I've said, I installed the 64-bit version from the Live DVD. I did everything I learned from previous experiences and so was expecting a great time using Isadora. It wasn't so. For some reason I really don't know, and which I was too lazy to post in the forum, my laptop just kept hanging every few seconds, it was really annoying.

So I reinstalled it, still side by side with win7, and the next thing that bugged me was that the wireless connection would not work even after I had successfully installed Isadora and installed the hardware driver for the wireless: at first, I chose the one that was made by linux, not the proprietary one.

To cut my always long story short, I plugged the LAN cable, downloaded all the upgrades indicated, and switched the wireless driver to the proprietary one. Now, it's working.

The additional programs I've installed so far because they did not come with the Live DVD: Stellarium (real time planetary program), Klamav (anti-virus), Imagination (slideshow maker), Mint Dropbox (great file sharing).

It's working ok for now. I really do hope I last long with Linux Mint 9 :)

P.S. By the way, if you want a serious review of Linux Mint 9, click this:

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Linux Mint 9 Isadora

JUST INSTALLED LINUX MINT 9 (64bit) and it's working fine so far. As I've begun, I continue to dual boot it with win7.

This is my desktop. I'll play with the wallpapers and appearance later on after I finish installing other programs I need. By the way, this version has a back up tool that's supposed to back up even programs already installed so that in the next upgrade, they won't have to be searched for and re-installed once more :)