Thursday, May 27, 2010

Windows feel in Linux

Linux is not Windows, that is what we often hear from Linux users. And rightly so. For newbies and non-techies like me who are still in the process of switching from Windows, however, continuing to have some windows-feel in linux does make the transition a bit more comfortable and not so alien.

So I discovered this page from Gizmo's freeware website called Tips and Tricks for Ubuntu after Installation. It is actually meant for Ubuntu 10.04 users but it is applicable to earlier Ubuntu versions (based on the replies posted). It is also applicable to LinuxMint, many of it at least, since LinuxMint is based on Ubuntu.

Personally, I liked the tip on how to have the Windows 7 aero snap functionality for open windows. I find it very useful in Windows 7 and so I wanted it too for my LinuxMint. Well, it works :)

Check it out yourself!

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