Sunday, June 13, 2010

"Get an MP3 player!"

In this new saga of learning (on my own yet) of how to earn online on my super spare time (like one hour a day so that's why I could not make myself bid on the very interesting part-time online jobs at Freelancer), I signed up for a free online version of an Internet marketer's--guess what--Internet marketing course.

I was directed to the now too-familiar online sign-up form (more on this in another post) so that I could receive the three-month free e-course wherein the guru is supposed to email me tips and techniques--of course, nothing like signing up for his real course (online and in real person). Nonetheless, i signed up for it just to get a taste of what it's all about.

Well, one of the things he has emailed me about is to go get an MP3 player (don't worry, this link is to Wikipedia, not an advertisement) and download all of the free audio marketing interviews available at Purpose? To get as much from the minds of successful marketers. Have I done it? You guessed it, no.

I'm listening to one right now straight from the web page: it's an interview of Bob Bly, a well-known copywriter. It is very interesting. Go to the website, scroll down a bit, and look for the link entitled "31 Free Copywriting Interviews". Scroll down until you reach the end of the introduction (which you can opt to just listen to, it's part of the audio), look for the play button and click it. If you want to download it, look to the right of the page where it says "download mp3". Look at the image below:

If you don't mind having your email receiving an outpour from this site, I suggest that you don't sign up for anything, not even for the free CD.

By the way, my "guru" recommended that I get an iPod and not just an mp3 player. He has a 160gb iPod. Cheers :)

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