Thursday, June 10, 2010

Monetize: AdSense + Chitika

How else can you monetize your blog or website aside from Google's AdSense? Chitika.

I have been trying to read up on Internet marketing and earning money online and I came across this. With only some days of surfing the web on these areas, it can be clearly seen that there are many scams out there. Mainly from soliciting membership fees from those who are eager enough (or desperate enough?) to earn money online that they are willing to pay for it. Well, Chitika seems real enough, if you would believe this among many other testimonials.

Of course, they say nothing is free and no guts no glory, but I personally would rather see for myself where my money will go.

I will be attending an Internet marketing workshop in a real venue, in a real location, and with real, live speakers who have been around for some time and whose reputation have solidly grown. Very untechie, indeed.

Will let you know what happens. Cheers!

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